I just spent a good 15 minutes digging through the archives on this blog trying to find out when my last haircut was. It was last October. Sheesh.
I bring this up because of ‘The Good Wife.’ Seriously. Damn near every woman on that show has some serious power hair. Like the perfectly coiffed and dyed bob. I will never come anywhere near that zenith of Good Hairness, but last Thursday I got the itch to cut my hair. On Friday I got my wish. It was on a whim, but whimmy is good. 

This is the shortest my hair has been since, I believe, the 7th grade. In these pictures it had been curled and brushed out, and I felt very French. Like I should be in a French arty-movie with this hairdo.

The gin fizzes part of this comes in on the 4th. I got my new ventilated haircut, got in the car to go run an errand, and my car shit the bed. It’s fine now (thank god for spouses that are mechanically inclined) but at the time I didn’t feel it was too much to ask that my car actually move when it’s in gear. So that errand then included a stop at a liquor store.
Never the wrong time for a gin fizz, with or without egg white. Although my problem is that I don’t have just one, I have three. Obnoxiousness ensues. 
I’ll be back in a few days for Photo Friday, so until then…have a gin fizz.

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  1. You have such beautiful thick hair, I'm loving the new cut. It took at least ten years off. Are you sure you're not a college student?

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