I love cooking, especially baking. It’s a dream of mine to one day open a bakery and not sell doughnuts. Just cake. And pie. And fancy coffee. Because what better to pair with an oncoming sugar high than a large legal addictive stimulant?

The weather here hasn’t been fantastic lately – a lot of rain and clouds. To break out of a bad-weather funk I usually head to the kitchen. Here’s what I’ve been working my way through lately.

I feel that I have sufficiently mastered Volume 1 of French cooking (ha) and am therefore onto Volume 2. Which includes things like homemade sausages and croissants. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Amazon has recommended Marcella Hazan’s “Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking” to me for years and I found it at Goodwill last week. It’s another beast of a book, but anything that includes a recipe for an adult milkshake made with bubbly wine is okay with me. 
Both of these books are a bit older, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume 2” was released in 1970. Marcella Hazan’s book was published in 1992 and is an updated and revised compilation of two of her earlier books. 
Now don’t get me wrong, I love cookbooks of all varieties. Old, new, whatever. But I do have a thing for older cookbooks. I think it’s because they aren’t as focused on speed as new ones. They do indeed expect you to soak those beans overnight and whip egg whites and heavy cream separately and then fold them together. Skills, people.
Neither of the aforementioned books are quite as old as these two, however. They were for sale in the Etsy shop for a long time but no one was interested. YOUR LOSS, MY FRIENDS. 

This one was published in 1964 by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. I’m imagining taking out a policy and someone handing you a cookbook in return. If this was indeed the case, can we go back to that please?

I’m not a shortening fan, so I’ll tinker with the recipe, but still. A loaf of what is essentially banana bread made with chunky peanut butter!?

This one is from 1941 and was published for the Culinary Arts Institute. Shut yo mouth.

There are a lot of potatoes in this cookbook. Lots and lots. 
I particularly enjoy the blurb on the front cover about ending each meal in triumph. Like dinner is a battle you shall overcome with the use of flour and sugar. And potatoes. 
See you later!

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  1. Like dinner is a battle you shall overcome with the use of flour and sugar. And potatoes.


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