I interrupt the never-ending stream of bird Photo Fridays to bring you…a bunny. I used to see rabbits around the house pretty consistently, but the last few years they’ve really dwindled in number. (Darn foxes. Or whatever other predator-ish creature is responsible for the lack of bunnitude around here.) That’s why I am especially thrilled to have one hanging around again. 


Now…you must prepare yourself mentally for this last one. Gird your loins, or you might perish from the level of cuteness. 

Gaaaaahhhh. So cute.

Have a good (and hopefully rabbit-filled) weekend!

4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Cottontail Cuteness”

  1. Girding loans! The only thing that could make that munchin' bun cuter is if it was sporting The Walking Dead poncho. Haha.

    1. About 2 weeks ago my husband was walking around the truck he drives at work and was making sure everything was good to go when he spotted a new little fawn laying between two of the back tires. It couldn't walk yet, so he scooped it up and put it out in the grass where it would be safer. Its mama came back for it later that day.

      Like you, I haven't even seen one yet and he's walking around with them.

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