My husband started a new job a few weeks ago. It’s always a bit uncertain when the breadwinner starts a new job, but this one is working out quite well so far. (He brings home the bacon. I bring home the…saltines or something.) The (massive) upside is that I have a happier guy. The (slight) downside is that the hours are longer, leaving me with more time on my hands. 
I could spend this time eating bonbons. Don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind. 
Instead of buying stock in the candy industry I’m putting more effort into my vintage Etsy shop. Every year I put a little money into it and it makes a little, and I would like for it to make a little more. This is the first year I’ve taken it more seriously as a business (I have a ledger now, people) and have identified some of the mistakes I’ve made – like spending way too much on inventory instead of having fewer, more curated items.
I’ve read books.  About business  stuff. 
I had to throw a picture in here to break up the rambling. On the subject of the picture – it finally happened. For years I’ve told people (ad nauseam) that someday I will walk into a Goodwill store and there will be a whole row of Jadeite waiting for me. Well, it wasn’t a whole row, but who cares. The law of averages dictated that it had to happen at some point. 
Last weekend I found a bunch of items for the shop, and those will be listed in the next few days. Including the Jadeite, which I am overly excited about. Like, so excited that I’m probably going to end up keeping some of it for myself.

I’ve got my Serious Business Lady face on.

See you later!

3 thoughts on “(Etsy) Shop Talk”

  1. Congratulations to your husband on his new job and to you for finding the elusive Jadeite. I'll check back when I return in a few days.

    Now go hide the bonbon wrappers. (Do they actually come in wrappers?)

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