Things have been relatively quiet around here. I’ve been putzing around getting some crafty-type projects finished and (finally) getting some artwork for the living room. More on the art later, as only one thing is actually hanging on the wall as of yet.
The mock orange is in bloom in the backyard, and looks like this when you stand underneath it:

The weather has been weird here, with lots of rain and clouds interspersed here and there with a sunny day. The sunny day usually is combined with 412% humidity, but I’ll take it. (No joke – it’s so humid that I break a sweat while braiding my hair. Not even I am that out of shape.)
Last night a dark cloud rolled by a ways in the distance and there was constant lightning inside it. I didn’t manage to get a picture of a bolt, but got a flash. Good enough.

Today it’s hot outside and I took advantage of the strong winds to help keep the kitchen cool while I canned some peaches. 

It’s more expensive to can them at home, but the taste is so superior that I don’t mind. A peach cobbler in the middle of winter with home-canned peaches is kind of amazing.

So nothing too strenuous happening around here. My other big exciting news is that I bought a fancy new showerhead. Oh yeah. Exciting stuff. 
See you later!

4 thoughts on “Canning Peaches, Mock Orange Blossoms, and Thunderstorms”

  1. I think we saw the exact same anvil cloud building…! I've never seen lightning like that in my life. We didn't get one drop of rain or even a thunder rumble though!
    Anyway, I've been working on freezing back strawberries, but I've got to do the peaches one of these years!

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