Bird Friday. That’s what this should be called.
I mistook these two for woodpeckers at first glance, but alas, they are not. What they are is small and cute and they look like they should be on Angry Birds.

For taking these pictures through the kitchen window they didn’t turn out too bad. I don’t recall ever seeing these birds before (or if I did I thought they were woodpeckers) so I’d rather have a few not-so-great pictures than miss the photo opportunity altogether.
Have a good weekend!

6 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Rose Breasted Grosbeak”

  1. Beth, can you make a note card from that first picture of the birds? It would make a sweet anniversary card with the two red hearts.

  2. What beautiful birds. I've never seen these either. Not only does it look like hearts on their breasts, the first picture looks like a mirror image.

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