On our drive out to the lake that I mentioned earlier in the week we saw one of my favorite things…ducks. Apologies for the horrendous pictures, but the little buggers were quite a ways off and I didn’t bring a tripod.
First up are common mergansers. (Look at me with the fancy duck lingo.)

Then we have buffleheads. These guys were waaay out in the lake and from a distance I thought they might be hooded mergansers, but nope. 

Even though the pictures are blurry I still wanted to put them up as I always enjoy seeing ducks that aren’t mallards. I love me some mallards, but some of these ducks look like something out of Star Wars, so who doesn’t want to see that?
Also, I would like to wish my sister a happy birthday today. (Hi! You’re old!) She’s been blogging for a few months now and that means she’s fair game.

Have a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Mergansers and Buffleheads”

  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes 🙂 I'm older, but you're still a poophead. I said it years ago, and it still stands. And thanks, Sadie!!

  2. Wow! Rock star ducks and storm trooper ducks! I've never seen either and I can't get over the hairdo on the female merganser. She looks like either a rock star or the Phyllis Diller of ducks while the mister is just the opposite. He is all neat and corporate looking.

    Happy birthday to your sister. So you both live in states that begin with the same letter. Coincidence?

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