It’s a holiday! Woo-hoo! (That’s faux enthusiasm, actually, because I work from home and therefore do not get any special feeling from staying home today. Again.)
Last week I was on vacation (or a stay-cation, more accurately) so both posts that went up last week were actually written the week before. Now that I’m back in this space it feels a smidge weird, because I haven’t done this in awhile and can’t decide on one thing to talk about. I WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT ALL! (Seriously. I’ve been tinkering with this post for 2 hours now and still can’t hit the publish button.)
I think I’ll resort to a list. I like lists.
What’s Happening At the Moment
1.) I’m in a mood, Dave, I’m in a mood. (Name that movie.) There are just some people that you want to punch right in the nads. That’s my Black Spruce Hound Wisdom of the Day¬©.
2.) And while it would be interesting to wait and see how many people think I’m talking about them right now, I’ll head that train off at the pass. No, I’m not talking about you. Pinky-promise. 
3.)  The living room still isn’t finished. Not annoyed about that, just stating the facts, ma’am. 
4.) But I did buy a couch! And a matching chair! 
5.) You really, really, need to buy this cookbook. I made the coconut cream pie last week and it was a life-changing experience. Go forth and bake. (I forgot to take pictures of the pie. Of course.)
6.) And did any of the 8 people that read this blog notice that the Photo Friday post went up on Thursday last week? I do not know how to read a calendar, apparently. 
I think that’s about it for now. Later this week I’ll do a post about the couch, as it’s not as mid-century as I was looking for, and in 6 months when the living room is finished I’ll recap that as well. 
See you later!

3 thoughts on “Lists and Big Sticks”

  1. Why, yes, I did get a pleasant surprise on Thursday when I checked your blog and saw your Friday post. Then I had to ask myself if I was confused and only thought the day was Thursday and it was really Friday. Obviously, it doesn't take much to confuse me.

    Hope you enjoyed your time off. Looking forward to seeing your new couch and chair.

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