While the living room is still in a semi-permanent state of upheaval, I’m going to talk about glitter, mmkay? The last installment of ‘In My Makeup Bag’ was sort of gross, and I am pleased to report that this one is more fun. 

I’m going to channel Chandler Bing here – Could that blanket BE any busier?  So aside from the fact that with that absurd blanket it’s hard to tell what the hell anything is, I’ve found some lovely products lately.
I’ve been using the Olay Professional brush…thingy for a few months now. They call it an advanced cleaning system, but jeez, it’s a brush. I’m too cheap to buy a Clarisonic brush, but am happy to say that this one works really well. The head spins around fairly slowly and really gets in there and cleans your skin. Since I started using it I’ve had less breakouts and generally more even skin. (It’s also come way down in price since I bought it, of course, so that’s a plus.)
With it I use the Garnier Clean+ Smoothing Cream Cleanser. (Alternate Name: Foamy Stuff That Smells Like Unicorn Farts) I dab an amount the size of a pea onto the Olay brush and let it scrub away. This particular cleanser is for dry skin, and it leaves my skin feeling baby-butt soft and moisturized. I do this routine once a day and it’s been working quite well.
I forgot to take a better picture of it, but I’ve also been using Maybelline Illegal Length mascara. It has mixed reviews, but I like it. I’ve found that if you don’t curl the ever-loving hell out of your eyelashes first, it doesn’t work at all. It looks terrible. With egregious amounts of eyelash curling, it’s fantastic. It attaches fiber-y things onto the ends of the lashes and really does make them look longer. It doesn’t curl (or keep the curl from the eyelash curler) as well as I would like, but it’s still damn good.

The last new products I’ve been playing with are NYC City Proof lip color crayons. I bought the red one first but it’s very, very red. So I picked up the pink one and at first glance didn’t like it, but at second glance I loved it because it’s pink and glittery and makes me look like a prom queen. SO. MUCH. GLITTER.  I actually bought these (under $3 each, holla) because I was too cheap to spend $7 on the Revlon Just Bitten crayon-thingies, and I’m glad I did. They go on like balm and don’t feel like lipstick at all. 

Did I mention it’s PINK and GLITTERY?

 I have no idea what to do with my face while trying to show off lip color. I need a life coach, stat.
See you later!