That’s a very pretentious post title. By the sound of it this list will be comprised of things like “Your inner fortitude,” but no, really, it’s a literal list of the crap we found.
Our initial reasons for wanting to completely demolish a perfectly fine living room are long and somewhat convoluted if you’re not familiar with the house in question, so I’ll keep it short. One, the ceiling was textured, which I don’t like. Two, our ceilings are very low and through a series of (again, convoluted) steps, we knew we could raise it about 4 inches.  
And so…bye-bye ceiling. 

List of Things Discovered:

1.) The World’s Largest and Most Ancient Mouse Nest, Complete with One Dead Mouse. 

When I say large mouse nest, I mean large. Like from here to Baltimore kind of large. At this point it was all dried up and smelled like grass, so at least it wasn’t an active nest. The above photo is just a tiny portion of said nest.

2.) The Discovery That You Can Do a Fairly Accurate Michael Jackson Impression.

No dust up in these sinuses, bitches.

3.) A Box of Nerds From 1984. 

4.) Honoroble Mentions:
– 1 child’s knee sock.
– 1 set of Mr. Potato Head eyes.
– 479 spare screws and nails that were dropped down onto the ceiling when the upper level of the house was built.
The living room project is still chugging along, with the drywall going up as we speak type, and the final paint and flooring decisions being made today. Hoo boy. 
See you later!

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  1. Since I seem to remember that you grew up in your house, could the sock, Mr. Potato Head eyes and the Nerds belong to 1984 you?

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