I’m not the one doing the vast majority of the work on the house right now. When it comes time to paint, I’m there. Hanging drywall and other manly type-things? Not so much. All this non-work has left me with inordinate amounts of time on my hands, so here’s what I’ve been up to. 

New letters for the mailbox. I hand-painted our address on it years ago and it slants downward, so it looks like a member of the Manson family wrote it.   

More shelf paper for that never-ending project. 

Toddler cookies. There isn’t a toddler within a 2 mile radius of this house, but sometimes I just want something sweet that isn’t loaded with sugar and butter. The above cookies are my second attempt and taste like eating granola. Not too shabby. 

This one comes from Pinterest, and now of course I can’t find the exact pin. You attach Command Hooks inside a kitchen cabinet and hang the attachments for your stand mixer on them. Brilliant, seeing as mine are usually smushed wherever they’ll fit and fall out on your head all the time. 
Hens and chicks are going into my next terrarium.
Aside from all that I’m still spring cleaning, and at this point it’s more like a house purge than just a cleaning. Some new things have been listed in the Etsy shop, things that I’ve been hanging onto for years and will  never, ever use. So onto new homes they go!
See you later!

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  1. This is the first I've heard of toddler cookies. Guess I haven't been around a toddler in a long time.

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