On Wednesday I spent a lot of time outside (it was 40 degrees! That’s ‘I can be outside wearing only a flannel shirt/hoodie’ weather!) and ended up being entertained by 4 red squirrels. Two were chasing each other in the wood pile, and two were chasing each other in the woods. 
I didn’t get any pictures of the squirrels in the woods, but the ones in the wood pile would pop out from under the tarp to yell at me every so often.

So. Cute. Even with the yelling. 
 May your weekend be filled with non-agitated squirrels. 

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Red Squirrels”

  1. Your red squirrels are so much prettier than our gray ones. The cute one on the blue tarp looks like he can't believe the beautiful sunshine.

    1. There are gray squirrels (and black ones!) here too, but the red are more common. Around our house is usually chipmunk heaven, so I was a bit surprised to see so many squirrels! They were definitely enjoying the sunshine.

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