Another Wednesday morning post. I did one last month, and as I have nothing to talk about this morning (other than a persistent eyebrow twitch that refuses to go away) I decided to revive the topic. (But seriously, I’ve had a twitchy eyebrow for about 24 hours now. I have a feeling it’s stress-related, but holy crap. How irritating.)

That’s the front yard this morning. Just last week it was bare in patches, and since then about 4 inches of snow has fallen. Today 8-14 inches is supposed to fall. (And if that isn’t a meteorologist’s ass-covering forecast, I don’t know what is.) There isn’t enough sarcasm in the world to make this crappy weather any better, but I’ll give it a shot anyway. OH HAPPY DAY. MORE SNOW.

The knitting needles are stowed away for now and the sewing machine is out. I’m attempting another dress. This usually ends in tears, but so far so good. 

I’ve been printing more cards and prints for the Etsy shop the past few days. Every greeting card now has a corresponding 5×7 or 8×10 print, and I’m working on the vice versa of that. It’s slow going, as I can only print when there won’t be dust everywhere from the living room remodel that’s going on. 
And that’s my Wednesday morning. How’s yours?

One thought on “On a Wednesday Morning (Again)”

  1. No wonder your eyebrow is twitching from stress. It's the stress of wondering if that snow will ever STOP. Enough with winter already! Could it also be the stress of the living room remodel? Your dress sewing brings back memories. Once upon a time I also made my dresses on my basic sewing machine. I wouldn't even know how to begin using the sophisticated sewing machines of today.

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