This jar used to sit on the kitchen counter and hold all-purpose flour. Those were the days when I made all of our bread. Glorious, bread-filled days, those were.

Alas, we no longer eat a lot of bread, having more fully embraced the bagel and the tortilla, so the jar has sat empty for a year or more now. During that time I’ve been thinking about making a terrarium, and why it took me so long to connect those two things, I don’t know. 
Terrariums are fairly trendy at the moment so it’s not too difficult to find the supplies to make them. Aside from my general love of houseplants, I also wanted to make one just to incorporate more air-cleaning plants into the house. Sinus problems have turned me into a maniac about clean air. 
Aside from yon vessel, I also needed activated charcoal (carbon), sheet moss, potting soil, and the plants. The carbon and sheet moss I had to order online, as I live in the back of beyond and no local stores had either one.

I filled the jar with a few inches of rocks.

Then I filled the jar about half full of potting soil, mixed with a few cups of the carbon. Then, plants and moss.

The plants are….a succulent of some variety. And a purple hairy thing. And a green tall thing. None of the damn things were labeled, so we’ll just call them plants.

So far, so good. The moss is keeping everything damp so I don’t have to water it all the time, and the plants are doing well. I don’t know if mixing a succulent in with other plants was a good idea, so I might make another terrarium and separate that one out. 
This was a quick little project I did last week before we started…The Project. If you follow me on Twitter then you might have seen some tweets concerning The Project this past weekend. Pictures like this:
So…yeah. That used to be the living room ceiling. Not no mo’. We’re doing a slightly major remodel on the room and if my words make less and less sense as the weeks go by, now you know why. This one is going to take awhile and I may or may not lose my mind. 
See you later!