November-December: “Oh look, snow! How pretty!”
January: “Is that frostbite or a bruise?”
March: *Weeping*
Seriously. Getting through the last slog of cold winter weather is the worst. Florida starts to look good because are hurricanes really  so bad?
Boredom is a real issue for me in the winter and I try to keep busy. Otherwise I end up sitting in a pile of blankets, watching cartoons, and pricing out plane tickets to Atlanta.
The struggle is real. 
So here we go – how I keep from going stir crazy in the winter, particularly the last few weeks. 
1.) Werk it, girl. 
Exercising is self-inflicted torture but it does make you feel better. And look less like a polar bear. I use a stationary bike, do yoga, and lift weights. 
2.) Vary your routine.
I’m a tea drinker. This winter I’ve tried the ones pictured above, plus Assam, Ntingwe Kwazulu, and Scottish Breakfast.
I’m also a coffee drinker, and have learned how to make my own coffee syrups. Vanilla syrup = simple syrup with a vanilla bean thrown in. Easy peasy. 
3.) Try new things.
Knit, sew, snowboard, play chess, start a collection of butt plugs, go ice fishing, start a new business venture, play bingo with your granny, study podiatry, remodel your bathroom, learn Mandarin, learn to play the bagpipes, whatever floats your boat. DOWN WITH BOREDOM. 
4.) Fill out your wardrobe. 
Okay, so this one maybe only applies to those of us that love clothing, but still. Retailers are discounting like crazy right now. This is the perfect time to fill in any wardrobe gaps. Boots are on sale…my weakness. Some stores are still trying to move last year’s summer clothes as well, which is how I ended up with 2 skirts in the dead of winter. 
5.) Grow something. 
Oh man. This one’s a biggie. It is so great to see something *green* in the land of frozen tundra. I start seeds for my garden quite early, and those are my little broccoli seedlings in the picture. HOW CUTE.
And now you know why I take on so many household projects in the winter. To avoid the boredom. 
I’ll see you later for Photo Friday!

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  1. Thank goodness you've found many ways to keep your sanity during your five months of winter. After this extra cold, snowy winter, I know you will enjoy your warm weather even more than usual this year!

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