Yay, more snow! Said no one ever.

It started coming down yesterday afternoon. Like cotton balls from the sky.

It’s one of the only times (if not the first time) this winter the snow has been wet and heavy, all winter it’s been so cold we’ve gotten the light, powdery stuff. This snow was so wet and heavy we lost power for a few hours last night. Normally most people would sleep through a post-midnight power loss, but when you have a woodstove packed full of wood and no blower motor to cool it off, the stove gets so hot your house tends to smell like hot metal. 
Can you guess who was up most of the night with a window cracked open? GUESS.

The sun is out and the air is warm this morning, but there’s 5-6 inches of fresh snow on the ground. Eww.

Have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Endless Winter”

  1. With April Fool's Day tomorrow, hope winter doesn't play any more jokes on you. If anyone needs warm weather, it's you.

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