My skin tends toward the dry side, especially in the winter. Without moisturizer it becomes a cracked, barren wasteland, ergo I tend to be picky about what I put on mah face…
…until this year when I decided to be a moron instead. I’ve used the Garnier moisturizer in the center for over a year now. It’s lovely and is the best I’ve used in years. In the interest of not looking like a saddlebag in 40 years I picked out a new one with SPF. The L’Oreal on the right. 
It worked well as a moisturizer, but smelled like sunscreen and was a bit greasy. After a few weeks of use it also gave me a huge breakout. As a person with dry skin that’s inhospitable for pretty much anything excluding the odd zit, this may or may not have caused a bit of a freakout. 
 photo 8PqOuIE_zps265269c1.gif
After that cleared up I switched to the Simple stuff. God knows why. After a week or so of use that one gave me a dry patch of skin on my cheek. I just thought it wasn’t working well, so I continued to slather it on. The dry patch grew and got worse and then last Wednesday I realized that was not a dry patch. It was an allergic reaction. A rash. A swollen, raised, and oozing rash. 
That cleared up pretty quickly with the help of the largest tube of anti-itch cream in the world and now is just a dry patch of skin. For real this time. 
I am now fully chastised and am back to using the Garnier. Hopefully the next edition of ‘In My Makeup Bag’ will include more fun, pretty things and less oozing. 
See you later!

4 thoughts on “In My Makeup Bag: Breakout and Rash Edition”

  1. I started using Vaseline on my face at night a few weeks ago. It seemed to help me but it's gonna be too heavy to use soon. Also, love the Star Trek .gif!

  2. I have really sensitive skin too, and acne to boot! I really like Burt's Bees "Sensitive" line– specifically the night cream, which works fine as a daily moisturizer (albeit one without SPF).

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