Just like last year, my husband took me out on a date. To see deer. I am and shall always remain an absolute sucker for animals – questions I have asked to various people in the past two weeks include:
B.) Have you ever come across a bear’s den in the winter? Asking for a friend…
D.) What are the odds of getting a picture of a wolf? Asking for a friend…
I willingly braved the cold to go out and snap some pictures.

They were not amused at first, but I don’t know that anyone would be when their area is invaded by a tripod-wielding weirdo.

They all took off back further into the trees. Perseverance pays off, and after about 15 minutes they came back out. To hell with me, there was some serious brush to nibble on!

There weren’t as many deer out there as last year, but being able to see any at all closer than 15 yards away is good enough for me.

See you later!

2 thoughts on “All the Pretty Deer”

  1. I love seeing our deer, especially when they are in the yard and I can watch them out the window. Yours are so pretty against the white snow. During our two, yes, two snows this winter, I could see them quite clearly. The rest of the winter, they blend into the brown backdrop. Once the trees are covered in leaves, they are harder to see in the distance, but I still see them in our neighborhood several times a week.

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