So I saw this thing on Tumblr the other day that said, “Be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about your methods.” No idea who said it, it’s probably from a cartoon for all I know. But it sums up why I do these things to myself. 
My goal is to be a successful small business owner, and the vintage shop I run on Etsy just isn’t cutting it. Because I’m:
A.) Stubborn,
B.) Stupid,
C.) Convinced if I keep trying different things I’ll eventually nail one of them, OR
D.) All of the above,
I decided to open a second Etsy shop called EMR Imageworks. You can find it by clicking on the ‘Photos’ tab in the bar above.
This is why I bought a huge printer and needed to rearrange the office. New plans have been afoot up in here! 
For years people have made (pleasant) comments about my photos, so I figured I’d try to do something with them. (Yes, a large portion of those people have been family members. Hush.)
I have no delusions that I’m an actual photographer, but I think some of my pictures are pretty good. I’ll be adding stock to the shop over the next few weeks – greeting cards, photo prints, and the like. 
I do want to point out that some of the pictures I’ve posted here on the blog over the years now have watermarks. I’ve always put what I think are my best pictures on here, and now that I’m trying to do something with the photos I don’t want anyone doing the old Copy and Paste with them. I don’t like putting watermarked photos on here, and will try to avoid it in the future. 
So. This will either go badly or fairly well, and while I’m a pessimist and am leaning towards badly, you never know. 
I’ve also started a new web site for the Etsy shop. It’s not a traditional web site, just a Tumblr where I have some basic information and I post pictures and other images/quotes that I like. There may or may not be boobs. 
Now that you’re all up-to-date on me plans, we can get back to regularly scheduled programming. Like animal pictures and cake. 
See you later!

6 thoughts on “A New Etsy Shop, or Another Bad Idea”

  1. Good luck! Hey, everyone keeps saying print is dead. But, guess what? REAL people don't necessarily agree. Everyone still wants to hold that newspaper in their hands. Most people would rather chuck their handheld devices for feeling the weight of an old, dog-eared book in their hands. Everyone likes some cool art/photos up in their home spaces. Keep on and persevere!

  2. Beth, my cards arrived today and they are beautiful! I'll be sure to leave a comment on your Etsy site when I am asked to rate them.

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