Have you ever bought a picture frame and been creeped out by the stock photo in it? 

I bought a few frames and there is something off about the Happy Family Photo in them. Now there’s nothing wrong with the people themselves in this picture. They are, I’m sure, very pleasant people. (Except maybe the dude.) I think perhaps the picture was taken at a weird moment? And because it’s a dollar store frame whoever chose this picture was like, fuck it, good enough?

It doesn’t look too bad, but then you look up close and….


1. The girl farted, that’s why she’s making that face.
2. The guy looks like he’s staring out of the frame and INTO YOUR CHEAP-PICTURE-FRAME-BUYING SOUL. 
3. Because neither of the adults looks old enough to be a parent to tweens, this could be a Happy Family Photo of a bunch of…cousins. This possibility makes it worse. 

Or it could just be my imagination.

See you later!

4 thoughts on “The Picture That Came With This Frame is Mildly Terrifying”

  1. It's too hard to pick perfect because, well, it doesn't exist. I'm glad someone pointed out this crap.

    You're definitely right about the mom/dad (if that's exactly what they're portraying) age thing… At least in America, people aren't having kids until their 30s (on average). And HuffPost Women just came out with an article that shows the facts about women getting paid far less from the age of 34 and beyond in Hollywood. It's a sick, sick world when people can't ever accept aging (as they're aging themselves and everyone around them is, too).

  2. I hope your weather improves soon since it sounds like you may have cabin fever! But I know what you mean about some of those stock photos. Really? They actually think we want to look like that?

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