I just realized that posting a picture of an empty, cold robin’s nest is a horrible choice for Valentine’s Day. Oops.

This nest is in a tree in the yard. It’s been there for years, and every spring a robin claims it. Baby robins are…not cute, but it’s always fun to see them in the nest.

Luckily there are only 412 weeks of winter left!

Have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Robin’s Nest”

  1. I learned something new since I didn't know robins reused existing nests. Our robins have returned and I love seeing them.

    Only 412 weeks of winter left! This killed me. As you probably heard, snow and ice returned to the South and Atlanta was basically shutdown for a couple of days. A friend of ours couldn't wait to get back to work this morning as he was going stir crazy after only two days indoors. Imagine if he lived in northern Wisconsin! It would not be pretty.

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