There are usually crows hanging around at my in-laws’ house. If I’m there in the daylight and have my camera (which is 85% of the time) I try to get a few pictures of them.

It’s like…They Know. They Know I’m there. They Know I have a camera. And They Know to fly away as soon as they see me.


The only reason I got this picture was because the bird was 30 yards away and I was using a vehicle as a disguise.

In other news, the blog might look weird the next few days. To make an incredibly long and boring story short, there are two ways to edit your blog when you use Blogger. (Which I do.) And one of those ways, the CSS editor, hasn’t worked for about 6 months now.

To try and fix it I reverted the blog back to the original template a few days ago. And it worked! For about 2 days. After spending 12+ hours of fiddling with the code to get it back to the way I like it, the damn thing crashed. I don’t know how long it was down, but down it was.

I’ll be messing with it again today and through the rest of the weekend. Have mercy.

See you after the weekend! With or without a wonky web site!