The Last Supper Table has been installed in the office. And it looks tiiiiiiiny  with everything on it.


The challenge with having a table instead of desk is where the heck to put everything. Not having drawers is a real drawback, but so far I’ve been making it work. A plastic chest of drawers under the desk and a few metal organizer racks on the desktop have made a world of difference.

I found these desk lamps at Menard’s for $3 each. For real. They throw more light than I was expecting, and the organizers at the base are so handy for holding everyday items.
Plastic bins work pretty well, but old cigar boxes are the cat’s ass. A 2 x 3 foot corkboard near the desk hangs onto all the little odds and ends.

If I’m honest, the above photos are completely unrealistic. The desk usually looks like this:

And there’s a pretty good chance I’m on Twitter instead of working.

I’m so glad the office is finished (for now…) because that’s just one more project out of the way. Just in time to make room for new ones!

See you later!

2 thoughts on “New Desks, Messy Desks, and Storage Solutions”

  1. How terrific to have everything in one place. And old cigar boxes! Makes me wish I had at least one of my dad's cigar boxes from my childhood. They smelled soooo good.

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