Screw what I was going to talk about today, there’s a video of a woman in Japan being chased by a stampeding herd of rabbits. 

The question is…how soon can I move to Japan? Because this beats the tar out of being chased by anything else. Forget the Running of the Bulls. The Running of the Bunnies. That should be a thing. 
This is even better than my dream career – rabbit show jumping
I’ll stop now. Have a wonderful day, full of fluffy rabbit daydreams. Because that’s what mine will be filled with.

4 thoughts on “Drop Everything, There’s a Herd of Rabbits in Japan”

  1. Aw, the video says "this video is private". Damn, my day is ruined now. I guess I can only imagine the craziness in my crazy head now… 😉

  2. OMG, this is hilarious! I've never seen so many rabbits in my life. I've heard of going to the lake to feed ducks, but going to the park to feed rabbits? Just think how quickly they multiply and what do you do when you run out food? You better hope you can outrun them.

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