I completely forgot to write this post last night, and then I got up this morning and was dinking around on Twitter for a half hour before I remembered it again.

The news about Pope Franky blessing a parrot was VERY ENGROSSING, thanks very much.

There’s not much new here this week, except for a few projects going on around the house and….wait for it….more snow.

Unbelievable, I know.

So I snapped this picture out the front door this morning to show y’all exactly how much snow we have. It’s depressing. The bottom rung of the fence is going to be swallowed pretty soon.

Praying for spring,
– Beth

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Oh Look, More Snow!”

  1. Looks like too many people were doing snow dances this winter. Shall I start doing a spring dance for you?

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