I hope everyone’s New Year was lovely! The assumption that was made in my last post about possibly being hungover? Yes, that. That happened.

Today we have…birds. Of some variety. I was sitting working very hard in the kitchen when I saw this little flock of birds land in a tree in the front yard. At first I thought they were chickadees, but nope. (The first picture looks like a funhouse mirror because it was taken through the kitchen window.)

I was able to get one close up before they flew away. I believe they are American Goldfinches with winter plumage. Possibly. Maybe. They’re CUTE, that’s what they are!

Have a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “Photo Friday: American Goldfinch. Possibly.”

  1. The chicken! Great idea to move her to the basement. It will be so much warmer there, she'll think she's gone south for the winter.

  2. What sweet birds. They look so cute in their winter plumage. Now, seriously, I cannot believe how cold your temperatures are going to be! Can you just stay indoors? Will it be even safe for the dog to go outdoors? It's going to be very cold to us here in the South, but not anywhere even close to your dangerous temperatures.

    1. It's going to be just a little cold. A smidge. Tonight is supposed to be the coldest at -25 below, wind chills -40 to -55. We'll be staying inside for the most part, and the dog should be alright as long as she's only outside for a few minutes. I'm worried about the chicken, so we're bring her inside for the next few days – she'll be in a big dog crate in the basement. She's a little bit spoiled.

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