Unfortunately, that is. The past few days have been much warmer than last week, but snowy. Warmer weather means the dog gets taken for longer walks, and I have to take the camera with me because nothing is more fun than trying to take a picture and then having the dog yank you down the road instead.

On one of our walks the trees were rather frosty.

And on another of our walks it was just plain snowy out, and the road hadn’t been plowed. Because of course.

There have been many cups of tea with mint thrown in.

Old candle stubs were turned into new candles. Can you tell snowy weather makes me incurably bored? 

Yesterday this was the view out my window. Blah. 

But I’ve mainly been cleaning the office. I ordered a big photo printer (more on that at a later date, I hope) and after  placing the order I checked the measurements. And realized in short order that this thing is HUGE and there’s no room for it.

Here’s the Level of Ridiculousness: There are 2 desks in the office. Only one of them is near an outlet. The desk that’s near the outlet already has a ginormous laser printer on it.

(Notice the hole in the carpet, as installed by the dog we had when we were first married.) So yeah…I’ve been dealing with this mess for the past few days. As it turns out, both desks are going to be removed and a new one built, because that’s the only way I can have both my dang printers.

Oh man are these ever first world problems.

But that’s what happening. Today the desk at the bottom-right of the above photo will be removed, and the metal one moved…somewhere. I really wish my office had an Undetectable Extension Charm on it, and seriously, where is Hermione Granger when you need her!?

See you on Friday, unless I get buried under an avalanche of paper!

2 thoughts on “I Am a Cleaning Mo-chine”

  1. The wintry snow scene out your window is absolutely gorgeous says the Southern girl who would be housebound all winter and who would eventually starve because she couldn't get to the grocery store, but who, if housebound long enough might actually contemplate cleaning her office. Nah, probably not.

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