I’ve always known this salad as Oriental Coleslaw, but that just sounds vaguely insulting, so Ramen Cabbage Salad it is!

I’ve been posting more recipes than usual lately, but it feels like I’ve been cooking more lately. Trying to eat less meat and find more ways to cram veggies into our diet. It’s been a fairly smooth process, but after a particularly unappealing broccoli salad the husband reacts a bit like this when approached with another vegetable salad:

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This salad, however, has the Husbandly Seal of Approval! My sister-in-law made this salad a few years ago for…a graduation, maybe? That sounds about right, we’ll run with that. The original recipe goes something like this – a bag of coleslaw mix, oil, sugar, the seasoning packet from a package of ramen noodles, the crushed up dry noodles, etc. 

Don’t get me wrong, the original is tasty. Anything with that much oil and sugar pretty much has to be delicious. But healthy it ain’t, so I’ve adjusted the recipe a bit to try and make it less nutritionally appalling. Which means I can eat it more often!

No ramen here. Just veggies, nuts, and seeds tossed with a slightly sweet dressing made from soy sauce and apple cider vinegar.

The flavor is pretty similar to the original, but without all the salt and fat. It’s a flexible recipe. For the batch in these photos I didn’t have green onion (of course) so I used white onion instead, and threw in some green bell pepper. Easy peasy.

Health(ier) Ramen Cabbage Salad
(16 ounce) package shredded coleslaw mix
bunch green onions, finely chopped
cup unsalted sunflower seeds
cup sliced almonds
cup apple cider vinegar
cup sugar
tablespoon lite soy sauce
tablespoons olive oil
the coleslaw mix, green onions, sunflower seeds, and almonds into a
large serving bowl.
a small bowl, whisk together the cider vinegar, sugar, and soy sauce
until well mixed. Drizzle in the olive oil, still whisking, until a
nice smooth sauce is made. Pour over the coleslaw mixture, toss well.
Let sit at least an hour before serving to let the sauce really
flavor the cabbage.


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  1. Funny cartoon! The cabbage salad sounds yummy and I'll have to try it. My favorite cabbage salad is chopped cabbage, chopped tomatoes, sliced green onions, lots of pepper and enough mayonnaise to combine. Chill slightly and serve. Easy peasy.

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