This past weekend my husband’s family celebrated Christmas early. One of the things my husband got in his stocking was a set of little plastic cowboys and Indians. Because A.) he’s a child, and B.) a little racial insensitivity on Christmas is just par for the course.

Sunday morning when I woke up and came downstairs, this was waiting for me on the (rumpled and dog hair covered) tree skirt.

If the cowboys were replaced with Army cavalrymen this would be a much more historically accurate scene. 

Also enjoying the totem pole thrown in there for no apparent reason. 

Childhood stereotypes for the win.

See you after a few!

4 thoughts on “The Battle of the Metal Tree”

  1. This brings back memories. My brother had lots of plastic action figures, but somehow missed out on The Battle of the Metal Tree. I guess his was The Battle of the Once Living Tree Whose Needles Will Soon Fall, aka The Battle of Falling Needles.

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