Did everyone have a good holiday? Because mine was mighty fine, and involved a lot of my favorite thing – food.

(You didn’t really expect that answer to be something else, did you?)

Chocolate bread. Yum. (Recipe from The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook.)

One of my gifts this year was a Marie Antoinette salt and pepper shaker. Cute, right?

BAM. Her head pops off. 

1/2 pound peanut butter cups and DVDs rounded everything out. 

I also spent a few hours in mid-century ornament heaven, organizing and putting hooks on my Grandma’s old ornaments and getting them ready for next year.

I’ll see you after the weekend, for what will be the last post of 2013!

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Holidays and Headless Salt Shakers”

  1. Your peppermint bark and chocolate bread look delicious. Our Christmas included lots of sweets, too. One sister made peanut butter fudge and trail mix candy while another sister made her traditional sugar cookies. Mom made cookie bars and we also had boxes of chocolates and two homemade fruitcakes from friends. Yes, we all love Christmas fruitcake so both were appreciated and enjoyed.

    The Marie Antoinette salt and pepper shaker is fabulous and keep hearing the Queen of Hearts shouting, "Off with their heads!" And your grandmother's vintage ornaments are perfect. To me, Christmas is about tradition and memories. So glad you enjoyed your holiday.

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