Oh man. It is cold. It’s always fun when your local weather report contains a ‘frostbite in under 30 minutes’ warning, right? Monday night and into Tuesday morning we hit about -30 F with the windchill. As I’m typing this, at 3:41 on Tuesday afternoon, it’s -11. This shit is bananas.

This morning I cleaned windows and admired some of the frost on them.

This weekend we’re having an early Christmas at my in-laws’ house, so when I’m not shivering under a blanket I’ve been present wrapping and doing last-minute shopping. I’ve also been working on knitting a tea cosy and the stupid thing is taking much longer than expected; mostly because it’s more fun to watch ‘Frasier’ reruns (huddled under the blanket) than to knit.

Other Christmas plans are underway as well, plans that revolve around food because of course they do. This year I am determined to make fruitcake (the good kind, not the brick kind) and will also be making peppermint bark and whatever else catches my fancy.  

Right now I’m going to try and ignore that that’s what my front yard looks like.

See you later for Photo Friday!

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