I want to wish all 8 of you that read this blog happy holidays, because this will be the only post this week until Friday or Saturday. In between now and then I shall be up to my elbows in butter. And chocolate. 

That right there is a bag full of glory, my friends. 

The holiday shopping is done, all the ingredients for the caloric-intense nutritious foods have been purchased, and now I’m just counting down the hours until it’s socially acceptable to have champagne at 10 in the morning.  

By the way, it’s still snowing here. Surprise, surprise. There’s a large portion of the U.S. dealing with crap weather, so if you’re stressed out, I have a solution. Buy a tub of Nutella the size of your face. 

They should just call it Stress-B-Gone and get it over with.

Today I’m getting everything together for a brunch I’m serving on Christmas Day. There will be peppermint bark…

…and a recipe from each of these cookbooks. I’m cooking for 4, so of course I’ll make enough for 8. Or 12.

Have a good week, don’t stab anyone with a butter knife, and I’ll be back later this week with a sugar hangover and a holiday wrap-up.

Happy holidays!

4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays, and a Tip to Avoid Stress”

  1. Hope you had a happy Christmas. Your pictures of the trees and snow are gorgeous, but better you than me since I'd have no idea how to drive anywhere on snowy roads. We are home again after traveling even further south to spend Christmas with my family. No snow, but plenty of traffic and, yes, it is possible to be too warm for the holidays. Thankfully, it cooled down some just in time for Christmas Eve.

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