A week or two (or 3? ish?) this was an outfit I wore shopping. The dress is an ’80s number with a full skirt that I picked up at a thrift store. I believe it was $4, maybe $6. A real bank-buster, at any rate.

I really liked how it looked with the red shoes, but the story here is the hair. I’m attempting to grow out my bangs, which is the most annoying thing in the world next to having the herp (not speaking from experience!).

My hair was pin curled here, and I included my bangs in one of the curls. I love how it turned out, with a big twist right in the front. The curls in the front are standing pin curls, which give lots of volume. Muy bueno for a child of the ’80s.

The only way I can take a decent self-portrait with my camera is to set it to take a shot when it sees someone smile in the frame. The problem with this is that in order for the camera to sense a smile, you have to smile b-i-g.

So of course this is the face I make.

Because why would you not make that face, I mean really.

Unfortunately the weather is now much colder, so I think the dresses will be packed away for the foreseeable future. I’ll be dressed warmer than a Sherpa before you know it.

See you in a few!

2 thoughts on “Fab Hair and a Blue and White Dress”

  1. What a pretty dress and pair of shoes! Great finds. And your hair looks beautiful. Back in the day when I had long straight hair, I actually pin curled it before my wedding to give it curl. It worked!

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