I really don’t know how it’s the end of December. That happened rather suddenly, amiright? This is my last post of 2013, so I thought I’d do a bit of a round-up.

– This year I wrote 154 posts. Less than 2012, but still. I write a lot for someone that doesn’t say much.
– This year I posted around 1,200 photos. Yes you read that correctly. 1,200 photos. Mostly of food, probably.

In January, I bought ugly pants (trousers! for those not in the States) and figured out how to make a curtain rod for $5. 

In February, we lost our last duck.

There was food in March.

We built a new staircase in April, and a split rail fence in May.

In June there were brownies and bigass full moons.

J-u-l-y was vacation time, yo.

In August the song ‘Warrior’ almost caused me to rear-end my own husband in front of a Dairy Queen. 
September was all about canning tomatoes, and I reminisced about the time there was a human skull in the yard. 
October brought canning tips. And bald eagles!
 November was all about knitting. 
And December…well it’s been cold, so I’ve bitched about that an awful lot, right?
It wasn’t the most eventful year on the books, but it was a good one nonetheless. And I shall be back in the New Year, with or without a hangover. I haven’t decided that yet.
See you in 2014!

3 thoughts on “2013 Year in Review”

    1. My parents always said that time flew the older you got, and I thought they were full of it! Now, not so much! And yes, I saw that June starting posting again. I got a little too excited about it, I missed reading her blog!

  1. Yet another year has flown by. I've always heard that time speeds up as we get older so 2014 should be another blur…speaking for myself, of course. Hope it's a good one for all of us.

    Happy New Year.

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