Last month I got back into selling on ebay. I haven’t sold anything except a motorcycle on there in about 5 years, don’t ask. This time I sold a pair of boots that I detested with every fiber of my being, plus they were taking up valuable closet space. Which could be occupied better with different boots. While I’m on the topic, I found selling on ebay to be ridiculously stressful. Waiting for people to bid, fretting if the bidding is higher than you think the item is worth, OMG ARE THEY GOING TO HATE IT!? You know, that sort of thing.

I digress. With the money from selling the boots I’ve been slowly adding a bit to my vintage dress collection. Because of course  I am.

This dress was in my favorites on Etsy for months. When the shop (The Rag Museum, highly recommended) had a sale I finally bought it.

Of course I bought it, look at that fabric. It’s like little turtles in a row.

I went shopping last week and paired it with a mustard cardigan I found at Goodwill.

I did have a few full-length outfit shots but they turned out blurry, and I didn’t try to retake them because it was about 20 degrees F outside and my kneecaps were colder than a witch’s…belt buckle. So use your imagination. Girl, fab hair, weird dress, yellow cardigan.

I did pick up another dress as well, which I’ll get to eventually, and I’ve also bought something truly hideous at Goodwill that I desperately need to share with the world. So you’ve got that to look forward to.

See you in a few!

2 thoughts on “70s Dresses and Mustard Cardigans”

  1. Cute dress. How fun to find a favorite on sale. I'd like to find that sweater at my local Goodwill since I do love me the orange colors.

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