This post is brought to you by a massive case of I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO TALK ABOUT ON MY BLOG RIGHT NOW. Bugs in orifices where they don’t belong is the obvious solution.

A few years ago I was in bed, sleeping. Like you do. I had just  fallen asleep when a housefly flew into my ear. Like, not just in the ear, more like strapping-on-flip-flops-and-heading-to-Bermuda in my ear. Now, if you’ve never had an insect decide to take up residence in your ear canal at midnight, I can tell you that the reaction a person has is something like this:

 photo NGjC2_zps63d380f6.gif
I shot out of bed and ran downstairs, (after yelling THERE’S A FLY MY EAR! A! FLY! IN! MY! EAR!) thinking that maybe I could get it to come out with a q-tip or something. Shut up, it was midnight and I was half-asleep. Wise decision making skills had been shut down for the evening. 
After excavating in my ear for awhile, with no result except for buzzing deep inside my ear canal (which is highly unpleasant, by the way) I had the horrible thought that maybe the fly was going to lay eggs in my ear. 
 photo S7G0O96_zpsdf5cb193.gif
So I Googled, and I searched, and found out that bugs in the ear is fairly common. After awhile my husband came downstairs and asked me how everything was going. You know, except for the whole ‘fly-in-the-ear’ thing. I turned on the lamp next to the couch and sat down with my Fly Ear facing the lamp. In the middle of telling the Mr. how I was fairly certain I had either A) imagined the whole thing, or B) the fly was laying eggs in my ear and I was going to have fly larvae on my brain, the fly started moving around, buzzing, and then flew right out of my ear toward the light. 
The End. 
So. If you ever have a fly in your ear, aim your ear toward the light. Take that little piece of info and save it for a rainy day, you never know. 
I brought this up because ever since this unforunate incident, I have to sleep with my hair covering my ears. Not joking. I honestly cannot fall asleep without my ears covered, because I am terrified of The Fly: Episode 2 happening. Every night when I lay my head down, I cover my ears and silently curse those g.d. houseflies.
And that is my quirk of the day. See you later!

2 thoughts on “That Time a Bug Flew into My Ear Canal”

  1. Gah! I've been avoiding all of the scary movies on television this month only to be haunted now by the thought of a fly in your ear! That gives me the shivers. Thank goodness the fly went towards the light. Otherwise, maybe pouring alcohol or peroxide in your ear might have done the trick.

    I hope I don't have nightmares tonight.

    Sorry I've been silent for so long. I was away from my computer for a week last month, so while I've been reading faithfully since then, I felt like I had too much catching up to do in the comment department. Until today when I could remain silent no longer.

    1. I love your comments, but there's no need to comment on every post. I'm not quite that needy. But I was beginning to wonder if you were laid up with smallpox or some other horrible ailment.

      The fly in the ear haunts me as well. I never thought of peroxide in the ear, maybe that would have flushed it out. I'll have to remember that in case (heaven forbid) this ever happens again.

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