These are some pictures I’ve had laying around that didn’t fit into a regular post. First up…my aloe plant. I bought it a few years ago, just a little 6-inch tall aloe vera. It grew and grew and it’s been transplanted several times, until I said to hell with it and stuck it in a 5-gallon bucket.

I put it outside this summer, thinking that would slow the growth. Aloe is a desert plant, so I figured the cooler temperatures and the rain would keep it from getting much bigger.

Oh how wrong I was. It’s thriving. The plant has sent up over a dozen pups, and the frigging thing bloomed for crying out loud. Also? HOW TALL IS THAT THING!?

That’s how tall it is. For the love of everything holy.

In other pictures, I took this one a few weeks ago before the leaves started to turn.

And the last one is just further evidence of all the weird crap I’ve dug out of my driveway in the last few years. 

Target shooting since 1948, apparently.

See you in a few!

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