Happy Labor Day! My husband has the day off, which I’m sure he’ll be spending in the garage puttering with something. I’ll be mowing the lawn. And watching ‘Downton Abbey’. Because of course.

The only other news of note is that I bought a bushel of tomatoes. Which led to 3 (!) days of tomato canning hijinks. By the way, read ‘hijinks’ as ‘misery’ and you’ll be closer to the truth.

Okay, it’s actually not that bad. Once you resign yourself to the fact that yes, it’s going to take forever, it’s not too bad. This was Box 1. 

Some of the tomatoes were rather large. 

Thursday’s total was 21 pints of diced tomatoes. Not too shabby. It would go a lot faster if I used quart jars, but only two people live in the house, and I never use a quart of anything. So pints it is!

But let’s not forget Box 2. 

Which was turned into salsa and pizza sauce. And while I’m on the topic, why is it so hard to find a salsa recipe that doesn’t call for cilantro? Which in my humble opinion tastes like soap? I mean really. 


…and pizza sauce. Which are very hard to tell apart and I’m hoping I labeled them correctly. 

Friday’s tally: 7 pints and 7 half pints of salsa, and 2 pints and 7 half pints of pizza sauce. 

There was still a layer of tomatoes left in the box, so more diced tomatoes were on the docket for Saturday. 8 more pints!

All of this was a very long-winded way of saying….I don’t need to buy tomato products for awhile. Which is awesome, because home-canned tomatoes taste amazing, and canned tomatoes from the store have a tinny taste. To me, anyway. Plus, Ball makes BPA-free lids now, so yay for fewer freaky chemicals!

After all the canning was done came the realization that I am completely out of jars, but canning season isn’t quite over yet. Once I get my hands on more jars, I can do the pickled beets and then maybe applesauce.

Like I said last week….this is some real Laura Ingalls shit up in here. Bring your bonnet.

See you in a few!


7 thoughts on “The Tomato Canning Chronicles of 2013”

  1. If you don't use that for a title for something — your last line about some Laura Ingalls Wilder you-know-what up in here — I will be severely, DEEPLY, DEVASTATINGLY disappointed! I mean, it'd be the basis for a great Food Network show title, blog title, novel title, Downtown Abbey TV series spin-off… Just think about it! (LOL, you know, like a teed-off servant burns Downton to the ground (not sure if they had insurance back then?!) and Lady Mary becomes poor and has to actually work without the aid of any servants.)

    1. I know… it's too bad. Such a BRITISH ending though, LOL! Anyway, the character in question was leaving the show no matter what so Julian F., the creator, said it had to be done — that he had wanted there to be a happy ending, but the actor wanted "to go off to America"…

  2. Apparently for some people cilantro does taste like soap! For me it tastes not at all soap like and very yummy, but it's a taste bud thing and might mean that you are a 'super taster' which means you find taste more intense generally!

  3. That's a LOT of tomatoes, but all that work will be so worth it when you are enjoying them during the cold winter.

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