Yes, I’m still in the kitchen, canning. Standing over a steaming hot canner for hours on end. Which I had to get to by walking uphill both ways.

Pickled cabbage slaw, sweet pickled beets, applesauce, and apple butter. Suzy Homemaker got nothin’ on me.

By the way, all the other stuff I can throughout the year? Totally could live without, except the sweet pickled beets. Come hell or high water I WILL HAVE THEM. This is how many beets I grew this year:

A cereal bowl full. So disappointing, but my in-laws were overrun with beets. So I took ’em.

And windfall apples as well. 

There are some zucchini I still have to deal with, and then…I’m DONE. For reals. Unless I decide to do some more beets, I am finished with the canning this summer.

My reaction, because it’s hard to put into words:

 photo tumblr_mojjmjZTgF1r2ligso1_250_zps36a4e54e.gif

I’ve canned more this summer than ever, and feel as though I should get some sort of award for this. Probably a Biggest Whiner Award, as I will just never be one of those people that goes about canning/preserving in a quiet, dignified manner. There are people that can in a weekend more than I do all year and they do.not.complain. After 20 minutes of peeling beets I’m ready for a nap.

In other news, we’ve (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘not me’) been doing a bit of work on the house, which I’ll post about when it’s done. And I still haven’t gotten one stick of firewood into the basement, which I am not panicking about AT ALL.

That’s all the news from here, so I’ll shut up and see you in a few!

6 thoughts on “So Much Suzy Homemaker Street Cred”

  1. Haha, love those dance moves! And I nominate you for a canning award! We just bought a house with a basement and I have visions of canning and storing food there…but I guess I'd have to go down to the basement to do that, lol!

    1. My basement looks like something out of a horror movie, so I find that actually carrying the jars to the basement to be the most difficult part of canning. I'm always expecting a giant spider and/or axe murderer to be waiting for me down there.

  2. I totally just bought a pressure canner because of your canning stories. Also because my husband has become an apocalypse nut-job. So, you need to share your recipes/tips/hints on pressure canning, k?

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