We (and we all know who I mean by ‘we’ at this point) cleaned the basement last weekend. There were chunks of wood leftover from last winter, weirdly shaped pieces that couldn’t be stacked in rows. I never threw the damn things in the stove, and they just accumulated everywhere.

So they were set on fire in the backyard instead.

It was windy enough to keep the bugs away, which come on now, it’s September, BE GONE WITH YE, MOSQUITOES. We let the dog run loose and sat around the fire for awhile.

Now normally ‘Northwoods Saturday Night’ would sound slightly ominous. Some things that come to mind when that phrase is mentioned (in list form, for a dearly love a list):

– Unplanned pregnancy
– Pot harvesting party, bring your own bucket
– Illegally harvested deer skinning party, bring your own bucket
– Family fistfight
– Drive out into the woods and drink enough beer to float the Mayflower party

Not that we’re not classy people in these parts or anything.  I am classy as fuck, thanks very much.

In this case it was the ‘light stuff on fire and have a few drinks’ Saturday night.

All in all it’s not a bad way to spend a few hours. Lighting Things on Fire, Soothing the Troubled Soul Since 1.5 Million B.C.

Other than doing a bit of work on the house (more on that later) and various other ‘Oh hey it’s going to be cold here in short order’ type stuff, it’s been pretty quiet around here. Which is my way of saying that next week’s blog posts might consist entirely of ‘Seinfeld’ GIFs.

See you later for Photo Friday!

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