I am one of those people that goes through chapstick like water. I am never without a tube in my pocket (or in my husband’s pocket if I don’t happen to have any) and I slather that crap on like nobody’s business.

For the past few years I’ve wanted to make my own lip balm, mostly because the store-bought stuff is made of weird. Like aluminum, paraben, and mineral oil kind of weird. But also because I read this post on SouleMama, which included a recipe for peppermint lip balm. It’s been bookmarked since the day I read it (3 years ago. Ahem.)  but I’ve only recently gotten all the ingredients together to make the lip balm.

Coconut oil, beeswax, and just a touch of honey melting in a double boiler. I used less honey than called for because I just don’t like sweet lip balm.

My double boiler? Two old enamel pots that usually hang on the wall. I also use them to melt soap when making laundry detergent. 

Tubes at the ready! 

This is also the point where everything shit the bed.

First, I made a mess. Second, I must have measured the beeswax incorrectly. When the balm set, it was still too soft and would have melted if placed in a pocket. Because I refuse to admit defeat, the tubes were dumped back into the double boiler, melted back down, and extra beeswax was added. And a touch of my favorite lipstick – just a teeny little bit. 


The balm goes on smooth, is nice and firm, and delightfully minty. 

The best part is that the basic recipe is so simple – coconut oil, beeswax, honey, peppermint essential oil. Easy peasy, economical, and free from all the weird.

Click on over to SouleMama to get the recipe (it’s at the bottom). And if you don’t already read her blog, START NOW. Please. 

See you in a few!

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