Oh yes. It’s that time of year.

The boots and jeans are put on. (Insert the wow-ooh-OW noise from ‘The Good the Bad and the Ugly’ here.)

My adversary: 

Hi chicken!

Eeep. Thar be poop in there.

I grabbed a shovel and the wheelbarrow, and…was promptly Jehovah’ed. 

It’s like I showed up on their radar. SHE’S OUTSIDE, GO GO GO! 

Anyway. I cleaned the coop, and found this under the nesting box. That’s what that 5-gallon bucket is in the coop – it’s a nesting box for the chicken. Except she’s kind of a douche and doesn’t use it.  

It’s weird that I didn’t find it before, because the coop’s been cleaned since then, but it’s a remnant of the bobcat…incident.  It was sort of wedged under the bucket.


Good lord I’m getting very distracted while writing this.

Anyway! Poop! I cleaned it all up!

The wheelbarrow was dumped on the compost pile where all the kitchen scraps go. And in a year we’ll have a bunch of black compost to put in the garden. This is real circle-of-life stuff, people. Well, maybe not life, but circle-of-poo just sounds weird. 

And now we have a nice clean coop! This picture makes me crazy because I look like a sumo wrestler with that big blob on top of my head. That’s my hair, y’all.  In what is now called a top knot, but I grew up calling a bun.

See you in a few!