For a few weeks we had really mild weather, and it was wonderfully delicious, if not a bit confusing. I mean, it’s August. We’re supposed to be sweltering. And then a few days ago The Gods of Weather noticed that we were not sweating like ditch-diggers and promptly corrected that.

But that’s how I know it’s August – I’m stuck voluntarily in the kitchen, standing over a boiling hot canner. Yesterday I made sweet relish with the last of the monster zucchini from my in-laws’ garden.

I used the same recipe that I use when making sweet pickle relish

The husband has deep reservations concerning this relish. The man is suspicious of zucchini, unless it’s in a brownie. Or shredded so finely you can’t really tell it’s there. I tasted the relish, and think it tastes the same as one made with cucumbers. My husband will have the final say, and I can already see his reaction:

 photo 3Usiw_zps9d8a3127.gif

The dog helped out in the kitchen, of course. She held down a chair. With her head. 

I ran out of lids (of course) and bands for the wide-mouths (of course) so I’m finishing up the rest of the canning today. It’s supposed to be a balmy 86 degrees, so I’m sure I won’t be at all uncomfortable.

Send air conditioners.

See you later for Photo Friday!

2 thoughts on “Zucchini Relish and Hot Weather”

  1. Your dog has that look similar to mine's when making goodies… Poor things, they are SO overlooked, aren't they?! I bet yours isn't spoiled at all just like mine, ha ha.

    Darn you and your CLEAN white stove. I think I could clean mine everyday and never get it quite like that.

    Anyway, I'm heading out to get me some zucchini at the ole farmer's market. Then, on to battling my crop of (millions?) of Concord grapes and making apple juice and applesauce. And, more batches of fridge pickles: Claussen Clones, baby!!! Autumn, how we love you, but damn!, you bring a lot of work! Do you agree? I bet you do… I just have a feeling.

    1. There is only one word to describe the stove – scrubbing. So. Much. Scrubbing.

      Autumn is a lot of work, I definitely agree. The scary part is that I haven't even gotten started on filling the basement with firewood yet.

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