For whatever reason, the grizzly bear gods do not smile upon me. Every time I manage to get pictures, they’re blurry. Never fails.

But here are the best of what I did manage to get. My excuses for the blurriness are that 1.) I was in a moving vehicle, and 2.) they were in the tallest grass ever seen in the Northern Hemisphere.

Mama had 3 cubs with her, but (of course) I couldn’t get all 3 in the same picture. They were romping around playing with one another. 

See you after the weekend!

3 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Grizzly Bears”

  1. Having never seen a grizzly in person, I would venture to guess the safest place to view one would be from a moving vehicle. Never get between a mama bear and her cubs. That I do remember from everything I've seen and read. You were smart to stay in the car and not attempt to get up close and personal with the cubs no matter how tempting it was.

    1. Speaking of nuts, isn't there a story of a father who sat his child on the back of a wild buffalo in Yellowstone? I guess some people just don't know the difference between a petting zoo and Nature or between Disney and Nature.

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