Okay, so I’m a bit of a control freak. I know this, I have no problem with this. When the world conspires against me (AGAINST ME, I say!) to foil my plans, it makes me insane.
Case in point, this weekend. So hot. So muggy. Humidity up the wazoo. As in 77 degrees at 10 PM with 85% humidity. This has become a common sight:

That’s the thermostat in the living room, and Sunday afternoon it climbed all the way to 83. My kingdom for an air conditioner.
With all the heat, I sat around like a lump all weekend. Perhaps the most energetic thing I did was sweep up all the dog hair tumbleweeds that went careening through the living room. Oh, and I had to follow my husband back to his place of employment on Saturday afternoon. He was driving a 35 foot long water truck thingy and I was in the car. I almost rearended him in front of a Dairy Queen.
In my defense, this song was on the radio – ‘Warrior’ by Scandal.

So for possibly the first time ever, I actually listened  to the words. And then she said ‘your eyes touch me physically’ and first of all….ewww. Really? All I could think of was somebody rubbing their eyeball on you and before I knew it I was about 3 feet away from driving into the back of this ginormous truck. This is why I don’t drive much.

Ahem. Anyway, all the non-activity of the weekend led to Nothing To Talk About Land, so I made plans to get up early this morning and write a quick post. Instead, a storm came through and knocked out the power for a few hours.

So I read the September issue of Vogue. 

And ate granola cereal

And took pictures of the clouds. The storm from early this morning is gone, but the clouds and a cool breeze are still hanging in there. 

And when the power came back on I made a batch of soap, because we are dangerously close to having a very odiferous situation on our hands.

And now I am here, a bit later than usual, but I made it! Stringing together nonsense for another day.

See you in a few!

4 thoughts on “Heat, Soap, and Eyeball Touching”

  1. Whew! I'm glad you *almost* hit that truck. You have to be careful. "Warrior" IS a pretty powerful song. I've never thought about that eyeball part but am going to plan not to now. : )

  2. We actually are having sunshine instead of rain and cool weather instead of humidity. It's a taste of fall and I'm loving it. I'm sure you're cooler weather is just around the corner. Keep telling yourself that anyway.

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