Recently I was given this skirt. I loved the pattern, but hated the length. I am not a fan of ankle length anything, maxi skirts or dresses included.

So. I gave it the chop!

First, I put the skirt on and used a tape to measure the length I wanted. Then I laid it flat and marked the skirt all the way across at that length.


Then I hemmed the lining and the shell. 
Boom. Done. In under an hour, I might add.
I love it! It hits just above the knee now, and is much less ‘church lady’. 

Remember, these are basic sewing skills – literally just sewing a straight stitch using a machine. I always try to keep simple alterations like this in mind while I’m shopping or when I’m given hand-me-downs because it can turn a garment I’m not crazy about into something I can’t wait to wear.

See you later for Photo Friday!

6 thoughts on “Floral Skirt Refashion”

  1. I see why you love this skirt as I do, too. What a pretty pattern. And yay for sewing skills. I had to recently oil my rusty skills when I chopped off and hemmed much too long pant legs.

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