Another lazy weekend. The sun shined for a few hours on Saturday afternoon and it was like, MAUDE!? WHAT BE THAT THERE SHINY LIGHT FROM THE SKY?

And it promptly vanished by that evening. So I made this.

An oatmeal crust, topped with dark chocolate ganache and a slick of sweetened peanut butter. Yum.

Sunday? Crap weather. Again.

I worked on my current knitting project, some slippers. My feet are always cold, and these are so cozy. 

Tea was guzzled. 

 I attempted to take some close-ups with the dog, but she was more interested in sniffing the camera.

Oh, and I sold some coffee cups (via the Etsy shop) to someone in Switzerland. That was rather exciting.

And that’s that.

I shall return in a few days, hopefully with something slightly more interesting to talk about. 

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