She’s a wee bit…corpulent.

My husband spotted this snapper while we were driving around looking for the supermoon last Sunday. I made him turn around and go back so I could take pictures. Not that I’m demanding or anything.

It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but she was pretty big – maybe a 10-12 inch shell?

The quality of the pictures is a bit low, it was getting dark fast and I refuse to use the flash on my camera.

Yikes. With a face like that, no wonder they snap.

See you after the weekend!

One thought on “Photo Friday: Snapping Turtle”

  1. Corpulent may have been putting it mildly. That is one HUGE turtle. I've never seen one like that, but did see an alligator snapping turtle once that wasn't nearly as, errr, corpulent.

    Mainly, I see small box turtles around here.

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