I always thought it was bad to mix prints. Like the Fashion Print Fairy, who strongly resembles Joan Rivers, was going to come down and smuck you upside the head if you so dared.

Then I realized I dress like a whang-doodle anyway, so who cares!?


If I look cranky, it’s probably because I was being swarmed by mosquitoes the size of Volkswagens. 

Me likey. The outfit, not the Volkswagens. Had to clarify.

Also of note – this top is plus size, it’s a 0X. I did not know they made such a size, it seems to me like it’s in the neighborhood of a regular women’s XL. It’s a bit too big, but I had to have it. But now that I know such a size exists, it’s like A WHOLE NEW WORLD has opened up.

Sorry. As this is being typed, only a half a cup of coffee has been consumed so far this morning.

This whole outfit came from Kohl’s, each piece snapped off of various clearance racks throughout the year.

See you in a few!