On Saturday I walked into the produce department at the grocery store and could smell them.


(Thank god it was just peaches and not like, rotting cabbage or something. Or this post would have gone in a totally different direction.)

Anyway. Peaches!

I usually can peaches every year. My cue is pretty simple – when I can smell them from about 10 feet away, they’re ripe enough for canning.

Buying canned peaches at the store is cheap and easy, but they are tasteless when compared with the home-canned peaches. You know that perfect taste of a ripe, juicy peach? Yes, that. That’s what home-canned peaches taste like.

I bought a few bags full and canned them yesterday morning.

In the dead of winter I will be very thankful that I took the time to can these. Peach cobbler, anyone?

For basic canning instructions, click here.

Soon the strawberries here will be ready, and then I’ll be busting out the canner again to make jam. It’s like Little House on the Prairie  up in here. 

See you in a few!

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  1. There is nothing to compare to a delicious ripe peach. In fact, I have a few in my kitchen calling my name. Guess what we are having for dessert tonight?

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